Eyal Halevy

 Eyal joined the company as a partner, bringing extensive experience in the international arena. Eyal’s experience helped transform Dan Knassim into what it is today – the international Paragon Group.

Eyal leads a professional team bursting with expertise, skill and inspiration, which strives to develop the international convention market through personal connections, high-level service and boundless creativity. Prior to his role at Paragon, Eyal served as VP at Kenes International, a leading global PCO, and was pivotal in transforming it from a local PCO into a global player. Eyal’s background includes many years in the international hotel industry, including the position of VP at Dan Panorama Tel Aviv (where he co-constructed the hotel’s convention center), and Food & Beverage Manager responsible for conferences and events at the InterContinental Hotel chain in Johannesburg, South Africa.