May 2019
First Major International Win for Paragon Asia! WORLD HR CONGRESS 2020
Less than 12 months have passed since the establishment of the Paragon Group new office in
the Southern Asia region: Paragon Asia and already an impressive accomplishment can be
Earlier this month, the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM) Sri Lanka has
signed an agreement with Paragon Group and Paragon Asia to serve as the official event partner
of the WORLD HR CONGRESS 2020 scheduled to take place in Colombo, in the summer of 2020.
This agreement was signed at a special council meeting held at the CIPM HQ in Colombo on May
3, 2019 between Mr. Dhammika Fernando – President CIPM Sri Lanka, Eyal Halevy co-Managing
Director Paragon Group and Krishan Samarasinghe, Paragon Asia, Managing Director.
The World Federation of People Management Associations (WFPMA) is an organization
representing more than 660,000 people management professionals in over 90 national
personnel associations around the world. The WFPMA holds a World Congress on People
Management every two years.
The World Congress enables HR professionals to build a global community of peers, to discuss
new developments in HRM, and to network with colleagues from around the world who face
similar complex challenges in human resource management. This important event attracts over
3,000 HR professionals from across the globe.
Paragon Group is proud to be chosen as the Professional Congress Organizer of this important
In the picture (left to right), during the official signing of the agreement at the CIPM HQ in
Colombo, Sri Lanka:
Mr. Dhammika Fernando- President CIPM Sri Lanka
Eyal Halevy, Co-Managing Director, Paragon Group
Krishan Samarasinghe, Managing Director, Paragon Asia

CIPM President Mr. Dhammika Fernando PG MD Mr. Eyal Halevy PA MD Mr. Krishan Samarasinghe 3.5.19