Create. Empower. Inspire.

Paragon Group is renowned worldwide as a leading conference and event initiation and management company, as well as a Professional Congress Organizer (PCO). The company specializes in the creation, production and implementation of both regional and international summit meetings. Every event is unique, requiring original thinking, creativity and inspiration in order to provide a total experience to diverse clients and audiences around the globe. Today's world is a global village. Our offices in Geneva, Cape Town, Panama City and Tel Aviv help us maintain close relationships with our clients, as well as our local familiarity and expertise. Our extensive business network combines professionalism with creativity, guaranteeing immediate professional care complemented by swift and accurate technical solutions.

Paragon ICE

Paragon ICE specializes in the organization of corporate events, conferences, tourism and leisure events for companies in Israel and abroad. Our distinctive methodologies, born from experience, enable us to provide the most relevant solutions for both Marketing and HR departments. Each project resembles a recipe: initial identification of immediate challenges, followed by an addition of original and inspiring ideas, resulting in tailored solutions that are always surprising and exciting. As an international company with offices in Europe and Africa, we are uniquely positioned to create local and global events, even at short notice. Our unwavering commitment helps us bridge time differences, physical distance and even cultural barriers, in order to provide the finest solutions, anytime and anywhere.  Visit us:

Paragon Group (Geneva)

Paragon Geneva is Paragon Group's executive international arm. By cooperating closely with Paragon Israel and Paragon Ice, the Group offers a unique professional platform for a variety of activities. Together, the companies offer a broad portfolio of solutions to a wide range of diverse clients. Paragon Group specializes in managing and initiating professional conferences around the world. Over the years, Paragon Group’s international team has established a network of local officials in various countries, enabling the Group to offer swift technical and organizational solutions. The Group's broad experience, combined with imagination, creativity and skillfulness, ensures immediate and expert handling of any event. Paragon Group includes all services necessary for the successful execution of conferences, including the responsible and transparent management of event budgets.  

Paragon Latin America

Paragon Latin America is a division of Paragon Group and a part of the “Colon 2000” Company Group in Panama City. Colon 2000 Group has invested in tourism infrastructure for more than 15 years and with over 300 employees in the infrastructure field. Paragon Latin America has a team of highly qualified personnel covering operations, logistics, marketing and development for each of our events. Paragon Latin America specializes in the initiation and management of conferences and events, and has become one of the leading companies in its field of expertise. The success of Paragon Latin America stems from our qualified and experienced project managers and regional conference directors, as well as from the professional staff operating our various departments. Our associated companies in Panama are:

  • Colon 2000 Cruise Port
  • Aventuras 2000 Tour Operator & DMC
  • Canal & Bay Tours
  • Hotel Radisson Colon 2000

Paragon Africa

The Paragon Africa team has years of acquaintance with local officials in Africa, and offers swift technical and organizational solutions. Its broad experience in organizing international conferences in Africa combined with imagination, creativity and skillfulness, ensures immediate and professional handling. Paragon Africa includes all services necessary for the success of the conference, and manages event budgets responsibly and with total transparency.

Paragon Israel (Dan Knassim)

Paragon Israel specializes in conference management and organization in Israel. The company's expertise covers diverse fields, including the medical, science and technology fields. Regarded as a leader in its area of expertise, Paragon Israel blends imagination, creativity, experience and professional knowledge to create high-level conferences and events that exceed expectations. Our success stems from our understanding of the exact needs and desires of every one of our clients, selecting the perfect venue, meticulous design and the finest technology on the market.