Branding & Design. When Image becomes Impact.    Branding and design play a pivotal role in congress planning and preparation. When applied properly, they amplify the congress message and create a lasting impression. Branding – Communicating your Message When we begin working on a congress or convention, we make sure they are branded with utmost professionalism. In order to ensure that our clients' reputation and expertise are accurately represented, we make sure that the congress/convention has the appropriate name, logo and tagline. Design – Telling a Visual Story Graphic design is an integral part of any congress marketing strategy. We employ talented and experienced graphic designers, who design the congress website, flyers, brochures, kits, exhibition booths and more – while staying in tune with the selected branding message and corporate image. Our branding and design services include:
  • Logo design
  • Name & Tagline creation
  • Website & newsletter design
  • Design of printed materials: flyers, brochures, catalogs & kits
  • Exhibition booth design
  • And more
At Paragon Group, we enjoy bringing our clients' true colors to life. For more information about our branding and design services, please email us at