Cost-Effective Budget. Precision is at Play.

At Paragon Group, we assist our clients with all financial aspects concerning their congress or convention, from initial budget planning to budget control throughout the entire duration of the project.  

The Mutual Goal: Maximizing Cost-Effectiveness

Budget planning is all about maximizing cost-effectiveness. Where there is money to be spent for a worthy cause (such as a congress or a convention), you can be certain that there is the easy (and more expensive) way to plan and spend, and then there's the smart, aware and experienced way to perform financial planning and execution. As you might have guessed, we advocate the latter – and have the proven budget planning and execution experience to show for it.

The Artful Science of Budget Development

At the beginning of our mutual congress project, we establish a budget in full collaboration with our client, which is accepted and fully agreed upon by both parties. We divide the development process into three categories: the preliminary budget stage, the one-year-pre-congress stage, and the three-month-pre-congress stage. As the congress draws near, we conduct periodical meetings with the client's organizing committee, in which periodical reports for income and expenses are submitted for review and control.

Our cost-effective budget services include:

  • Ongoing congress budget management
  • Ongoing & complete bookkeeping transactions
  • Congress account management
  • Expenses control
  • Management of VAT and tax regulations

Our financial policies include:

  • Optional pre-financing of all congress activities
  • Payment of all deposits at no cost and interest
  • Activities charged at cost
  • No commissions’ policy from suppliers (except from tourism derived services)

Budgeting is both an art and a precise science – but it is mainly about listening to client needs and implementing proven methodology. For more information about our cost-effective budget services, please email us at