When it comes to PCO Services, Paragon Group is World Class

As a renowned Professional Conference Organizer (PCO), Paragon Group provides elite, long-term PCO services to diverse clients all over the world.

What is a PCO?

A Professional Congress Organizer (PCO) guarantees companies and organizations alike, professional guidance and management regarding conference organization, as well as a gateway into all the requirements and complexities that need to be addressed in order to establish a successful operation. It's a comprehensive service that ensures no stone is left unturned, and that everything is taken into full consideration. In short, the service of a PCO is a labor of love – and a delicate expertise.

What is a Paragon Group PCO?

At Paragon Group, we know PCO services. We provide detailed quotes, conduct research, develop diverse marketing strategies, help recruit sponsors and sell exhibition space, administer layout supervision and manage complex logistics – all with our standard Paragon reliability and guarantee. If we've learned one thing, it's that the best results come to those who create smart processes. Our personal acquaintance with the organizations' decision makers and key officials enhances the teamwork and camaraderie throughout the preparation stages and the conferences themselves. Our accumulated experience helps us maintain relationships with sponsors and exhibitors of current and future importance, and provide cutting-edge insight into the appropriate marketing methods to be employed for each event.

Our PCO services include:

  • Long term marketing plans
  • Cost-effective budget planning & execution
  • Industry liaison
  • Abstract processing
  • Graphic design
  • Media services
  • Registration management
  • High-end technical infrastructure

Core PCO: An ongoing commitment

Core PCO services are designed for clients who wish to enjoy the many benefits of ongoing, regular-basis professional conference organization. We plan multi-year strategies for conference production, including budgeting, marketing, media and more, while exhibiting maximum flexibility and efficiency when it comes to unexpected change. Organizations who like to plan ahead and experience long-term success find Core PCO services a perfect fit.

Require A-Z professional congress management? You need a trusted partner that gets the job done right time after time. For more information, please email us at info@paragong.com