Registration and Accommodation. The Art of Contentment.   

At Paragon, we blend experience with technology to make sure our clients' delegates, speakers and guests receive the best accommodation, travel and registration services.

Accommodation & Travel Arrangements

Accommodation is an integral part of our congress management service. At our clients' request, we manage the accommodation requirements and travel arrangements for their delegates and speakers, utilizing our long-standing relationships and industry experience to secure competitive rates for from a wide range of hotels. Upon request, we also handle all the necessary travel arrangements to and from the convention.

Registration and Information Management Services

Paragon operates a cutting-edge online IT registration system that handles all aspects of delegate registration, abstract submissions, congress invitations and travel arrangements. In fact, the system can manage and maintain the convention's entire communications portfolio.

The system's sophisticated structure enables our data team to integrate and manage all the information gathered before, during and after the congress, ensuring data consistency, reliability and security. The accumulated data comes in extremely handy when the time comes to prepare for future conventions.

In today's information age, advanced and efficient registration and accommodation services mean a lot more. For more information regarding our services, please email us at