ALAPE – Latino American Association of Pediatrics

The 11th Conferencia de Actualización en Pediatría of ALAPE held in Panama City on April 7th – 10th, 2011 was the first event of this kind that our Association organized. The first that is under the direct guidance of Paragon Conventions and its first Convention in Latin America. Additionally, this conference, as we have highlighted, gathered for the first time all the Pediatrics Scientific Societies of America. It was the result of an alliance between the AAP (USA), CPS (Canada) and ALAPE representing Latin America and the Caribbean, along with the AEP (Spain) and SIP (Italy), plus the support of the World Health Organization (OMS), represented in the region by the Pan American Health Organization (OPS)This, by itself, was a huge challenge and a huge responsibility.Knowing the organizational and operational capacity of Paragon Conventions and entrepreneurial vision of its leaders, we chose this company and made a formal agreement only a year before the event.The results could not have been better. There were 1.200 participants, 80% of these are pediatricians opinion leaders in their countries, now awaiting the opportunity to be in the forthcoming 2013.
Beyond this major challenge and the skills of Paragon Conventions to organize an event that had no references, emphasizes its ability to adapt to a new culture and circumstances, to solve efficiently, and on the way, common problems in a meeting of this size and, especially, the kindness and constant enthusiasm, displayed by all staff and support staff.

With all these elements we do not doubt to organize the next version of the Conference ALAPE 2013. Moreover, our Association Directors Board has decided to make an agreement with Paragon Conventions as the official PCO of ALAPE for the next years.

Hernando A. Villamizar-Gómez

President of the Latino American Association of Pediatrics,

Panama City, Panama