The 60th anniversary conference of the Israel Heart Society

The 60th anniversary conference of the Israel Heart Society in association with the Israel Society of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery has concluded. And this is the time to thank Paragon’s team which have greatly contributed to the success of this special congress, which marks an important milestone for the Israel Heart Society, 60 years to its establishment.

The congress, which was highly complex this year, was organized at the highest professional level, without a hitch. Its reputation travelled far and wide and has brought the society honor and prestige.

Operation and organization of this conference required much more Work and Thinking than usual, and indeed we have seen how all of Paragon’s staff was engaged in this undertake with willingness, dedication and Infinite persistence, and in doing so demonstrated Human warmth towards us and towards all applicants and participants. The invited speakers that participated in this conference were amongst the world’s leading cardiologists, amongst them presidents of associations, some of the best cardiologists in the world. All participants praised the scientific level as well as the high organizational level, which has contributed to their unforgettable experience. Also, the Pharmaceutical companies have indicated their satisfaction from the impressive exhibition.

All words of gratitude will not be sufficient to express our deep appreciation towards Paragon and its wonderful dedicated staff.

With the hope of more successful and productive conferences in the future,

Prof Chaim Lotan – Past President

Dr Amit Segev – Secretary General

Prof Yoseph Rozenman – President

Israel Heart Society