HIPAK – Israeli Society of Clinical Pediatrics

Dear Paragon Team,

We would like to say thank you personally for 4 years (some of us even 8 years together) of joint action, of personal mentoring, and many hours together, in between meetings, between miles and between conferences.

We have completed our part as HIPAC committee after fulfilling 4 years, and this is the moment and the place to say thank you very much for working together with us, thank you for Uncompromising professionalism.
Thank you for willingness and determining that characterize all of everyone who worked with us, and they weren’t few along the way.

We will be unable to tell everyone personally, so we would appreciate if you say thank you in our behalf to everyone:

Ofer and Ran – who always gave us professional answers with a big smile.
Sivan and Ran that were great recruiting sponsors.
The Registration hostesses and manager.
You all were great.

Noit , you in personally thank you very much – working with you was very pleasant.

Hagar, you are great without compromising.

Thank you all, we had a great experience with you and hope you will continue to be useful the new committee.

Ronit Lubitzky And Dror Mendel

On behalf of the outgoing committee.

Kind regards
Prof. Dror Mendel – MD, MHA
New Born and Premature Baby – Director
Dana-Dwek Children Hospital – Director
Tel Aviv Medical Center